November 4, 2021 – press release: Electrochaea’s BioCat Biomethanation Process Is Certified by the Environmental Technology Verification Program

Planegg, 4.11.2021 – Electrochaea’s biomethanation process at the company’s BioCat plant in Avedøre, Denmark has received a Statement of Verification from the independent Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program. The BioCat system for conversion of carbon dioxide into methane was certified for performance in relation to gas quality, capacity, energy consumption and operating conditions, including mass flow rate changes, and start up and shut down. The Statement of Verification assures the BioCat process performance claims are based on reliable test data collected by appropriate analytical methods, under plant operations conducted by competent personnel. The ETV was conducted by an impartial verification body ETA-Danmark A/S and the service provider FORCE Technology. […]


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