Using 'power-to-gas', Electrochaea has developed a commercially robust solution
for utility-scale energy storage, replacement of natural gas, and carbon reuse.

Electrochaea is a growth-stage company commercializing a disruptive and scalable technology to meet immediate and growing market needs in North America, Europe and beyond:


  • storing renewable energy
  • displacing fossil gas with renewable natural gas, and 
  • reusing carbon dioxide 


Our proprietary process to produce renewable methane at industrial scale, can be used to green the gas grid, continue to green the power grid, and recycle any
source of CO2.

About Electrochaea


Electrochaea is commercializing a grid-scale energy storage solution. Our proprietary power-to-gas (P2G) process converts renewable energy and carbon dioxide into grid-quality renewable methane for storage and distribution. Our pilot plants have injected renewable methane into commercial gas grids in Switzerland and Denmark.


Using our process, renewable methane is synthesized from CO2 and H2 by our patented biocatalyst, a selectively evolved microorganism – a methanogenic archaea. Pipeline-grade methane is produced in our scalable and robust methanation system for injection into the gas grid or immediate use. CO2 can be recycled from any source such as anaerobic digestors, landfills, dairies, fermentation facilities or industrial processes. And, renewable H2 can be generated from renewable electricity by electrolysis, or from other wasted sources.


The high efficiency and robust nature of our biocatalyst enables our patented methanation technology to operate at lower capital and operating costs and with greater flexibility than conventional thermochemical methanation processes. The biocatalyst is compatible with variable duty cycles and common impurities in CO2 sources. P2G energy storage enables practically unlimited storage capacity via existing gas grid infrastructure. And the scalable process enables a broad range of applications.


Electrochaea GmbH is a dynamic growth stage company with headquarters, engineering and development teams in Munich, Germany. Electrochaea’s subsidiaries are located in Denmark and in California, USA.




2006 – 2010: 

  • Basic research and four years of “proof of concept” research 
  • Prof. Laurens Mets and his colleagues at the University of Chicago recognize the potential of archaea for methane production and isolate a highly efficient strain



  • Merger with 6-Convert, a start-up from Prof. Lars Angenent and Dr. Jeff Fornero at Washington University in St. Louis and first major laboratory-scale tests with raw biogas at brewery digester in St. Louis, MO, USA 



  • Pre-commercial field tests demonstrated scalability (5000L bioreactor) in Foulum, Denmark



  • Electrochaea GmbH established as part of Series A financing by Munich Venture Partners, btov, Sirius Venture Partners, KfW, Focus First Holdings, Energie 360°and Caliza Holding 
  • Headquarters and laboratory space are secured in Munich, Germany 
  • Funding received from to design, build and operate the BioCat Project, a 1 MW commercial-scale field trial at a wastewater treatment plant outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Partners include Hydrogenics, Audi, HMN Gashandel, NEAS Energy and BIOFOS 



  • An international team of 20 engineers and scientists formed around Mich Hein (CEO) and Doris Hafenbradl (CTO) in Munich, Germany 
  • The world’s first 1 MW P2G plant (BioCat Project) commissioned in Denmark, with support from Energinet 
  • Initiated second grid scale pilot project in Switzerland with Horizon 2020 Project STORE&GO 


2017 – 2018: 

  • Accelerated development of high efficiency microbial electrolysis cell and laboratory pressure reactor with grant and equity funding



  • Storengy invests in Electrochaea 
  • Commissioning and inauguration of the BioCat plant in Solothurn, Switzerland 
  • Inauguration of ORBIT pilot reactor in Regensburg, Germany
  • First grid-injection of renewable methane produced by the BioCat system in Solothurn, Switzerland and in Avedøre, Denmark 
  • Commissioning of BioCat plant in Golden, CO, USA 



  • Establishment of Electrochaea Corporation, currently located in Sacramento, CA, USA 
  • Management team is expanded with Harald Beschid as COO
  • EU Innovation Council commits 15 million Euro in Electrochaea’s power-to-gas technology



  • Electrochaea participates in large project, with Storengy, Engie, and the John Cockerill Group, to cut CO2 emissions from the lime industry 
  • Joe Feldman joins the Electrochaea Corp as Executive Vice President of Business Development and Peter Plesner joins as Business Development Director in Denmark 
  • Baker Hughes invests in Electrochaea