Energie 360° to boost the development of power-to-gas technology with Electrochaea

Energie 360° to boost the development of power-to-gas technology with Electrochaea

Energie 360° is partnering with the German company Electrochaea GmbH to step up the development of the power-to-gas technology concept. Power-to-gas is a versatile technology that makes it possible to store surplus power from wind and solar parks in the natural gas network. This innovative technology makes an important contribution to solving the energy storage problem. The partnership will solidify Energie 360°’s position as a leading partner in environmentally sustainable energy solutions.

Europe’s energy industry is in flux, and the issue of energy storage and network convergence poses a substantial challenge to the energy sectors. Peter Dietiker, director of the Renewable Energies division of Energie 360° affirmed: “In the future, power-to-gas will enable us to produce large quantities of renewable gas and to store it in the natural gas network.” The capacity of the existing gas network is nearly unlimited. The energy can be transported over long distances through the natural gas network and reconverted into electricity where it is needed or deployed as renewable gas in the heating market or as fuel.

Energie 360° is the largest natural gas and biogas distributor in Switzerland. Through its strong focus on renewable energies and a broad range of products and services in the field of energy, the company is contributing significantly to the implementation of the Swiss government’s Energy Strategy 2050. “Through our partnership with Electrochaea we are supporting our innovative projects and taking one step further toward a sustainable future,” said Kurt Lüscher, CEO of Energie 360°. Electrochaea’s core competence is the development of a system that uses a novel biocatalytic approach to convert hydrogen and carbon dioxide into methane. The biocatalyst has many technical advantages and represents a pioneering technology.

About Electrochaea

Electrochaea is a start-up company in the cleantech area. The company is developing an innovative biocatalytic process for storing electricity as methane that can be injected directly in the existing natural gas infrastructure. Known as power-to-gas, the technology simplifies integration of intermittent renewable energy sources (wind and solar) and contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The company is headquartered in Munich (Germany). In addition to Energie 360°, the German development bank KfW, Focus First, Sirius Venture Partners, b-to-v Partners AG, Caliza Holding AG, and Munich Venture Partners are also involved.

About Energie 360°

Energie 360° is a successful, innovative company whose goal is to become the leading energy provider for environmentally sustainable heating solutions in Switzerland. Together with its roughly 200 employees, Energie 360° is committed to a sustainable energy future.