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We collaborate with a wide variety of partners in the energy sector and are financed
by a group of investors from Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA.

Financial investors

b-to-v is both venture capital firm and a leading investor network. To our members, we provide an incomparable deal flow, in the form of lead- and co-investment-opportunities, collaborative investment processes and access to a unique network of like-minded entrepreneurs. To companies we are a reliable partner when it comes to capital access, entrepreneurial intelligence and professional support.


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Caliza Holding
Caliza Holding AG is a Single Family Office located in Switzerland. An investment firm with international scope, Caliza is focused on acquiring interests in leading SMEs and innovative start-ups in the areas of energy, industry, and mining. Caliza strives to work with talented management teams to unlock the full potential of their companies and create long-term sustainable value.


Munich Venture Partners
Munich Venture Partners is a Venture Capital firm managed by senior managers from the high technology and energy industry, and experienced Venture Capital professionals. As the prime partner of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, one of the world’s leading research organizations for applied research, Munich Venture Partners is investing in selected high-tech start-ups in the environmental technology and energy sector. Munich Venture Partners is in part funded by the European Union and its Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).



Sirius Venture Partners
Sirius Venture Partners GmbH is a German venture capital company focusing on technological growth markets. It concentrates on venture capital investments in companies from seed to early expansion phases with an outstanding growth potential through innovative technologies, products and business models. Sirius Venture Partners supports its portfolio companies in their strategic planning with its long lasting experience as entrepreneur and financier on an international scale.


Strategic investors


Energie 360°
Energie 360° offers heating solutions in Switzerland – focusing on renewable energies.


Storengy, a 100% affiliate of ENGIE, is a world leader of natural gas underground storage. Thanks to its 60 years’ experience, Storengy designs, develops and operates gas storage plants, and proposes to its customers innovative products designed on the basis of a deep experience and knowledge of the various relevant markets and regulations. The company operates natural gas storage plants, amounting for 12,2 billion cubic meters. Building on its worldwide recognized expertise and its operator and trader experience of storage capacities in Germany, in the UK, and in France, Storengy is positioning itself as a leader notably in the development of geothermal energy (heat, cold, and electricity production), and of innovative solutions to produce and store green renewable energy (biomethane, hydrogen, Power-to-Gas, synthetic methane, …). Storengy brings its know-how to its customers all over the world, fostering a partnership industrial logic, applying it on a large scale of projects.


Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes (NYSE: BKR) is an energy technology company that provides solutions to energy and industrial customers worldwide. Built on a century of experience and with operations in over 120 countries, our innovative technologies and services are taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet.